Rose Geranium: the perfect foot balm to nourish the skin

Vanessa Gallinaro Organic Rose Geranium Foot Balm

This lovely foot balm was created in collaboration with my Reflexologist Bertilla Fiorio. A couple of years of ago we organized a Reflexology event in London for my clients. During her stays, we thought to give an extra- special pampering to the clients, we needed a special cream and the Organic Rose Geranium Foot Balm was born.

We found ourselves researching between butters, oils and essential oils, after making several samples, three butters stood out, Macadamia, Kokum and Shea butter. The combination of these three with Castor Oil, Neem Oil delivered the most excellent nutriments to the skin. We, of course, chose the best organic raw material on the market.

Rose Geranium © Wikimedia

The healing properties of the Kokum butter were known to indigenous people, it has a uniform triglyceride composition and therefore promotes regeneration of skin, it helps heal ulcers, is also non-pore clogging.

The research carried on which best essential oil would have given the more benefit to treat dry skin giving a balancing effect. Calming and grounding, Rose Geranium helps to reduce the feeling of stress and worry. It was and still is the excellent choice to uplift mood and promote feeling of well-being

Since then, the Foot Balm has been the most popular product, sold in several European countries to Beauty Salons, Spas and Reflexology Centres, people just love to have their feet pampered.

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