Organic | 220ml

This 100% organic baby butter. Pregnancy is a miraculous
time. If you are feeling less glow and more pain and stress
these days, inspired by the traditional Aromatherapy, I
selected the finest ingredients has been used for thousands
of years to alleviate aches and inspire relaxation


Organic Mum to be body butter anti- stretch marks is the perfect way to pamper your pregnant body and keep your skin supple. It has been designed to restore skin elasticity and help mums-to-be to feel good about themselves. It is a luxurious product formulated with a delicate blend of moisturising Organic Macadamia, Shea nut and Cocoa butter. This ingredient combination helps collagen boosting, leaving skin feeling soft and deeply nourished. By massaging our Organic Body Butter for the 9 months of pregnancy will help to reduce the risk of stretch mark and keep a young appearance.

Organic body butters:

-Organic Macadamia: Anti-oxidant, reduces skin stress and natural moisturizer.
-Cocoa butter: Prevent stretch mark and skin dryness

Organic body oils:

-Evening Primrose: Hormones balance
-Carrot: Stimulates the lymph system, Nourishes, tightens, and rejuvenates skin

Essential oils:

-Rosewood : Repairs & Rejuvenates Skin by boosting elasticity
-Ylang Ylang: Helps balance hormones.
-Tangerine: Tones and fortifies the skin

How to apply:

Apply the Organic body butter into clean skin in the morning and evening paying particular attention to your tummy, buttocks, thighs, hips and bust.
Perform a massage with circular movement for 5 minutes. For better results, use in conjunction with Mum-to-be Organic body oil. Suitable before, during and after pregnancy.


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