Mum-to-Be Body Massage

Aromatherapy and Pregnancy Massage

Nowadays the prenatal massage is considered an integral part of an intelligent approach to pregnancy. In the past 5 months, we had 4 new entries, 4 beautiful new born, 3 Boys and 1 Girl, my clients just love to be pregnant and I love massaging them. It is quite an experience to see the tummy growing and while you are massaging moving as well.

For those, who have not tried yet the pregnancy massage, we can only say, it is something that helps to connect with your baby. The beautiful feeling nurturing both you and your unborn baby, the relaxation you feel afterwards cannot be described but must be felt!

Regular Massage can help prepare you for the labor by making the pelvis suppler. It also helps to improve blood circulation, relives tension and for who suffers from migraine and headaches moreover removes toxins and raises endorphin levels. The pregnancy massage has also a Mum to Be Collection Body Care and all massages are carried out using Organic Products.

How can Aromatherapy could help while you are pregnant?

  • It eases the symptoms of morning sickness
  • It soothes pregnancy niggles
  • It helps you to feel calm and relaxed during your pregnancy

And if you are feeling or being sick during your first trimester, aromatherapy may help. You could try it to ease your nausea. Lemon oil seems to work for some women.

For the prenatal treatment, I select the Tangerine and Ylang Ylang essential oils with Wheat germ and Rosehip oil, all of them extremely good for stretch-marks, relaxation and de-stress, if you feel tired and exhausted it helps to invigorate your body.

And for those wants to know more about essential oils during pregnancy;

Bergamot – relaxing
Black pepper – calming
Geranium – for anxiety
Lavender – promote good sleep
Chamomile Blue German – insomnia

The care of your body and baby should not stop after birth, being a new mum can be an exciting time as well as exercising hormonal changes, physical and emotional changes. Keep having a regular massage can definitely help and relieve these symptoms.


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