Carrot Oil: The Way To A Perfect Tan And More!

So you are probably reading this on your sun lounger or while  relaxing by the pool. Welcome to your summer vacation!

Wherever you are on your holidays we are glad you are joining us here at Vanessa as we have a wonderful secret holiday beauty tip for you! We know that when it comes to your skin, your priority is to protect it and we are here to help you with all that is entailed when it comes to skin care and tanning on holiday.

Carrot Oil. When you think of carrot oil, we want you to remember that using this oil will protect your skin and also provide many health and wellbeing benefits.

Carrot seed oil (another name of Carrot oil) is extracted from the Daucus Carota also known as ‘Wild Carrot’. This oil is particularly popular in anti-ageing beauty products as it is rich in vitamin A and beta-carotene; both these properties keep the skin supple and prevent damage over time. Carrot seed oil is golden-yellow in colour and has a woody aroma. When using this oil on your skin make sure it is damp, preferably after a shower or bath. It is a great stress reliever, is a powerful detoxifier and fights skin problems such as eczema and sores.

For hair, carrot oil stimulates growth, makes it smoother, softer and more shiny, it strengthens the hair roots and protects against damage from sunlight and pollution. Regular use can allow for great results to be achieved.

Currently, our specially formulated carrot oil is great for use on the skin. To reduce thin lines and wrinkles in the skin, carrot oil is great applied at night before bed.

One of our favourite uses of carrot oil is when we want to ensure the best tanning results! We are currently on our holidays and are loving the bright sunshine days and summer nights. A week prior to our holiday we tried out the organic carrot oil by massaging it onto damp skin every day leading up to our holiday. This ensured that the skin was protected from the harmful effects of the sun and warmer climates. We think it is great to prep your skin before a holiday!

Warning! SPF must still be used in conjunction with carrot oil. We recommend SPF 30 or above. Apply every two hours throughout the day when exposed to sun and also after swimming in the sea or pool.

So people have been saying that carrot oil is the new business of self-tanning and we agree! It’s safe and organic and when used in conjunction with the best SPF protection, our skin will be protected in all types of sun exposure. Carrot oil shields your skins from harmful ultraviolet energy and also assists the tanning process in making your skin a perfect shade of bronze.

Following sun exposure it is necessary to keep up the use of the carrot oil.

Before using carrot oil, do check in with us here at Vanessa We are more than happy to help with your specific skin and wellbeing needs and as we do curate products for personal skin types we want to hear from you!

If pregnant or on any types of medication, do contact your doctor before using any new products. Thank you!

Check back next week for our special blog post on After Sun care. Stay safe and happy summer holidays!

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