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Veganuary-Month of Vegan Beauty Body Products

This month a lot of people are joining the vegan diet as challenge to reduce animals pains and to safe our planet. It’s a charity campaign called Veganuary, a movement to encourage people to try vegan food and embrace their philosophy.

The veganism is indeed a lifestyle and it involves all products we consume, not only the choice of food.

When I started running my own business,  there was no doubt,  I would have had my brand of bespoke body products;  organic, vegan and cruelty-free.

Since, I decided to be very strict about choosing suppliers like-minded. Accurately, I selected them from a wide range of organic and certified raw materials.

My raw materials observe high quality standards in accordance with Soil Association expectations. These standards set out the requirements for organic and natural health and beauty products certified to the international COSMOS standard.

At VG we respect animals,  in fact all our organic beauty products are cruelty-free and not tested on any wild creature.

The only tests done, were on volunteers I have met during my years as beautician. They were  glad and enthusiastic to try my body butters and oils.

Now  they are the most engaged clients. ?

JOY-Organic Chia Body Oil


This is Joy, a charming mood lifting oil with high concentration of citrus essential oils.

Why Lemon, Lime and Bergamot?

Lemon is one of the most popular citruses in the world. The Lemon essential oil reduces tension and relieves mental depression and stress. It is energizing, revitalizing and stimulating of your senses. It is also a natural sedative, used in aromatherapy to relax the muscles and calm the nerves as a sleep aid.

Lime essential oil is effective in protecting against cold and flu, or as stimulating of digestive system. Therefore, you can massage JOY oil wherever you feel pains. In addition, it is a natural immunity booster and can even help reduce cellulite!

Furthermore, our all-purpose Joy body oil has Bergamot essential oil. It is part of citrus family and has most of their benefits. Bergamot stimulates the liver, digestive system and spleen, and provide an overall lift to those suffering from a general malaise.

Start your Veganuary with VG Organic Bespoke Body Products!

4 Organic Top-Selling Beauty Body Products for 2018

2018 has been a work intense year, we know that Organic Skincare is booming but my aim is to make people’s awareness of the ingredients they’re consuming when choosing a Body or Skin product.

Over the last few months, I have created new body product recipes,  tailored according to my clients’ needs, and believe when I say ” My clients want only and all the best”.

Finding the perfect and most suitable ingredients is the hardest part of making bespoke body oils and butters for all of you, but, on the other hand it represents my way to reflect your most intimate state of mind. Each product has been made with the awareness to provide positive energy, to enhance your psychological and physical conditions.

Glow Body Oil 

“Glow” is born with the aim to nourishing the body skin and improves the symptoms associated with overworking. 


Vanessa Gallinaro Organic Bespoke Body Products London, 4 Organic Body Products top selling 2018 Monoi Rose Geranium Foot balm








It reduces the body aches and nervous exhaustion. With a powerful lemony smell, the “Glow” organic body oil has been tailored for women who play sport actively as it relaxes muscles and calms the tension.

I recommend it to use specially after your gym session, with the skin just wet. For a best result, use first the dry brush or the bath gloves exfoliator, massaging the body for a couple of minutes. This ritual will help the absorption of any organic body oils.

Sweetness Organic Body Butter 

As the name may remind you, “Sweetness body butter” has a luxurious smell of warming and delicious Vanilla. It is an ecstatic olfactory experience that charms your senses.







Although the intoxicating scent is the first thing that gets your attention, we can’t forget the powerful benefits of its ingredients.

The Murumuru butter, from Brazil, has a unique mix of essential fatty acids (Omega-6-3) and Pro-Vitamin A, delivering excellent moisturizing properties to the skin. While, polyphenols contained in the Vanilla bean extract are anti-oxidants which help to protect against free radical damages and the effects of environmental stresses on the skin.

Several studies confirm that the sweet aroma of Vanilla helps in relieving neurological stress and reduces anxiety, tension and depression. I have created the Sweetness body butter for who needs to relax at the end of a long day and would like to enjoy a self-massage before sleeping.

It works also as solid perfume, you can spread a small amount behind the ears and neck.  Its mood lifting effect on the brain is helpful in improving cognitive functions and mental health, in the morning.

Signature Duo Hands and Feet collection 

The collection that made more than 120 clients happy this Christmas and during 2018 

Rose Geranium Foot Balm & Monoi Hand Cream. Never been so well treated!

Everybody recognize the healing properties of Rose Geranium essential oil, particularly of scars and wounds. It also improves circulation under the skin’s surface which aids in cell regeneration and balance excessive dry skin on feet

This duo bathroom essential is your family’s answer to keep clean, soft and hydrated hands and feet all day long.

The “Rose Geranium Foot Balm” has been indeed one of the top-selling beauty body product for 2018, with the Monoi Hand Cream. I always recommend my clients to massage into clean feet, paying attention to heels and soles at the end of an exhausted day.

The foot balm is outstandingly effective after soaking in a foot bath, or straight from the bath. If you can, use the product at night and cover with thin socks to allow the cream to soak in overnight.

Christmas “Prodotto Artigianale” Handcrafted has conquered clients’ hearts !! 


The first time I came across to Monoi Butter I was looking to create a luxury body butter for a client. The outcome of the products was a fantastic email on my inbox saying:

“Your Monoi butter will be a must-have. The smell, the texture, everything is lush with this cream ! It so moisturising, also my cuticles are not so dry anymore. I love it so much, I would like it in two sizes,please so  one can go in my bag”.  Alessia London

After this, lovely review and response the Signature duo Hands & Feet was born and has been having an amazing success.

Don’t forget  “Massage the balm  until absorbed. For a truly deep moisturizing treatment, cover hands with cotton gloves”. 

I hope you had a fabulous Christmas time and you will be following our hereafter Organic Bespoke Products 2019

Vanessa Gallinaro